Go behind Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Creative Process at Newly Opened Innovation Hall

By J.P. Anderson | January 9, 2019 | Food & Drink

Renowned Windy City confectioner Vosges Haut-Chocolate celebrates 20 years in style with the opening of Innovation Hall.

Innovation Hall (Photo courtesy of Summit)

When Vosges Haut-Chocolat made its debut in 1998, launching a luxe line of truffles flavored with exotic ingredients like curry, sweet paprika, star anise and wasabi, it was like nothing the world of sweets had ever seen. Fast-forward two decades, and founder and CEO Katrina Markoff’s visionary, global perspective has made the brand an international sensation, thanks to an expanding menu of exquisitely made bars, bonbons, caramels and truffles.

Now, Chicagoans can immerse themselves in Vosges at Innovation Hall, a new space operating out of the company’s Roscoe Village headquarters that celebrates and elaborates on Markoff’s four-part creative process via an interactive installation. A video journey of Markoff’s recent sourcing trip to Bulgaria (whose rare rose inspired the Valentine’s Day 2018 collection) leads to a wall of ideas that express the brand’s passion for storytelling; an apothecary display of ingredients is followed by experiencing the taste of the truffles themselves—including the rare ruby truffle, made with newly discovered ruby cacao that Markoff is particularly excited about (“It really brings out the outer delicious white fruit that surrounds the cacao seeds—think litchi-sourberry deliciousness”).

The ruby truffle, made with the newly discovered ruby cacao. (Photo courtesy of Vosges Haut-Chocolat)

With additional experiences like hands-on truffle making and private events, Innovation Hall brings the brand to life in a perfectly of-the-moment, multisensory manner. Vosges’ 20-year success is all the more remarkable given the inherent challenges of the industry, but Markoff has a simple explanation. “By maintaining a risk-taking environment that allows for irreverent ideas to exist with a soulfulness and experiential nature—all wrapped in a beautiful purple box.” By appointment only, 2950 N. Oakley Ave., 888.301.9866, chocolatetemple@vosgeschocolate.com

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