Vera Wang's Bewitching New Bridal Collection

—Daniel Gerzina
photographs by Peter Michael Dills/
February 2, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

Brides imagine their wedding gowns to be elegant, spectacular and pristine white. But the color white has not always been synonymous with “the dress.” In the Western world, white wedding gowns didn’t come into vogue until 1840, when Queen Victoria set the trend in her marriage to Prince Albert.

More and more modern brides are bucking the tradition of wearing white on their wedding day, opting for ivory, pastels and even red. Now, thanks to the fearless Vera Wang, black wedding dresses are popping up on runways. Entitled Witchcraft, Wang’s fall 2012 bridal collection features nine (out of 15) black dresses.

Fashion experts have responded to the collection with mixed emotions and reviews. “Black, in everyone’s mind, is the most elegant and slimming color,” says Chicago designer Borris J. Powell. “I wouldn’t think that someone would want to be in something different on a day that’s so important.”

New York City event planner and former star of TLC’s Wedded to Perfection Jung Lee has a decidedly anti-black stance. “Women wear black all the time. Wearing a white dress makes the occasion more special.”

For brides considering a black gown, Windy City Live contributor and stylist Eric Himel offers this, “Women who consider it need to be extremely confident.” And, says Himel, they should definitely have a fall wedding.

Lee, who once planned an all-black wedding for author Stephen King’s son, says the most important thing is making sure you feel gorgeous and comfortable. “If you’re going to depart from white, make sure it’s a decision you won’t regret,” she says.

Whether the trend sticks or gets snowed over, Vera Wang is rarely wrong when it comes to weddings. “Since Vera Wang has done it, next fall you’re going to see black wedding dresses all over,” says Powell.

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