Ally Hilfiger Modernizes the Shirtdress

—Elle Eichinger | November 1, 2011 | Homepage Latest The Latest

Although they come from vastly different backgrounds, Alexandria Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter, who often goes by Ally) and Nary Manivong connected over their common love and talent for fashion to create NAHM, a womenswear line inspired by the shirtdress. An acronym of the designers’ initials, as well as the Laotian word for water, NAHM debuted its second collection at Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week—a third collection is currently in the works. Working on the basis of the shirtdress, the new Spring collection takes some interesting turns with one-shoulder asymmetry, bold patterns, floor-length styles and menswear undertones. Currently NAHM is only sold in New York, but an online store will open soon. Hopefully Chicago retail availability will follow.

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