Star-Studded Lollapalooza Weekend at Nellcôte

—Elle Eichinger | August 10, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

The stars aligned this Lollapalooza weekend at Nellcôte, as the West Town resto hosted a marathon of events to complement the music festival. From Nellcôte Brunch presented by Corona Light in the a.m. to the Artist Access after-hours revelry, big names in music and television made appearances. Some stars—like Lollapalooza founder and Jane’s Addiction musician Perry Farrell, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul—opted for private dinners with family, feasting on Nellcôte’s delicious pasta and pizza (Paul and his fiancé had a side of truffles).

British rockers Florence + the Machine were main events at both the festival and Nellcôte. While front-woman Florence Welch was absent post-show, guitarist Rob Ackroyd and drummer Chris Hayden manned Nellcôte’s DJ booth and cleared furniture to make room for dancing.

It’s no coincidence Nellcôte was such a Lollapalooza pick for celebrities, since the restaurant’s unique name is inspired by rock history—the original Villa Nellcôte is a mansion in the South of France where the Rolling Stones partied in the ‘70s. And with an open bar hosted by Dobel Tequila, Hanger One Vodka, and Peroni beer, as well as Prosecco on the house for large groups, who would go anywhere else?

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