Q&A: Mercury Method's Lara Hudson

—Elle Eichinger | November 13, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Q&A: Mercury Method's Lara HudsonDuring the last decade, Lara Hudson has made a name for herself with a series of fitness DVDs and a renowned Pilates studio in San Francisco. But Hudson chose Chicago as the place to introduce her brand-new comprehensive workout system, The Mercury Method. The method combines elements of Pilates, yoga, strength, and cardio into one workout, all performed in a studio heated to 98.6 degrees. We recently chatted with Hudson about the unique workout, why she chose Chicago, and her favorite healthy eateries in the area. 1444 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-661-2994

There are endless types of workouts, and we’re always being told that the next best thing is here. What sets the Mercury Method apart?
LARA HUDSON: We want to change people’s minds about exercise, and the way we do that is to give them the power to change their own bodies. At The Mercury Method they’re going to find that inner strength. It’s such an invaluable gift to realize it’s not the movements themselves that are changing you—it’s you changing you. The moment you realize that, you want to work out all the time. That’s what sets us apart from any other workout method; we’re going to give you the power to change your own body.

Why did you decide to debut Mercury Method in Chicago?
LH: What’s great about Chicago is it’s got such a buzz. There are so many people innovating here, so many small business owners really working hard to realize their visions. Everyone is so supportive and friendly; we felt welcome.

In the short time you’ve been here, have you found any great healthy eating spots?
LH: Native Foods (1484 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-489-8480) is just around the corner from us. I am a carnivore and Native Foods is a vegan place, but the salads and bowls are actually really satisfying. The other place I really love—that kind of reminds of San Francisco—is Lula Café (2537 N. Kedzie Blvd., 773-489-9554) in Logan Square. They have really wonderful, fresh ingredients that they buy locally. It is a little slice of home.

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