MCA Salutes the 1980s

—Elle Eichinger
Photograph by Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles.
February 14, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - MCA Salutes the 1980s
The Veneer of Order, 1985, by Lari Pittman from The Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica

The 1980s mostly recall images of big hair, heavy metal music and acid-washed jeans, but the decade also saw significant political and societal changes that, of course, manifested into art. This week, the Museum of Contemporary Art unveils its latest exhibit, “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s,” which celebrates more than 130 works created in response to the major issues of the ’80s, including feminism, the AIDS crisis, cynicism, and political unrest. Through May. 220 E. Chicago Ave.

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