Film to See: Bill Cunningham New York

—Jamie Hausman | May 19, 2011 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Film to See: Bill Cunningham New York

For the last 50 years, 82-year-old New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham has pedaled his Schwinn bicycle around New York snapping photographs of socialites and everyday people with true personal style. To make the darling and critically acclaimed Bill Cunningham New York (opens May 20), director Richard Press spent eight years convincing the intensely private photographer to do the film and two years shooting and editing. The documentary film includes commentary from close friends such as Anna Wintour, Brooke Astor and Michael Kors and a simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting look at the solitary life that the beloved milliner-turned-photographer has led in pursuit of his craft. (At 82, Cunningham works from 7 to 12 AM and admits he has never had a romantic relationship.) Prepare to leave with a swollen heart and misty eyes. Music Box Theatre, 3733 N Southport Ave.

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