Freda Salvador Founders On Their Wardrobe And Skincare Necessities

Laura Eckstein Jones | November 4, 2020 |


The business partners know a thing or two about quality when it comes to the products they admit into their style and beauty arsenals.

Cristina Palomo Nelson and Megan PapayCristina Palomo Nelson and Megan Papay

When Cristina Palomo Nelson and Megan Papay saw a void in the market for cool-yet-functional footwear, they launched Freda Salvador in 2012. “We focused on updating and modernizing classic styles like oxfords, loafers and jodhpur boots,” says Nelson of the line. Although several new styles launch per year, their design approach has remained consistent. “It typically starts by having a conversation about what we are missing from our own closets,” says Papay, who names “pound-the-pavement functionality” as a driving force. “How can we feel cool and comfortable all day as our lives switch from business owners to busy moms? Our collection is always evolving.” Here, Nelson and Papay share their favorite style and skincare finds. Sailor, 4658 N. Damen Ave.

Cristina Palomo Nelson's Picks

Lunya washable silk button down pant set

“I live in this set with our James slipper. It’s my reward after a long day.” Lunya washable silk button-down pant set,

Freda Salvador Ralf lace up boot

“I love the pound-the-pavement wearability of a flat, lace-up boot. The silver grommet hardware makes it so unique.” Freda Salvador Ralf lace-up boot,

Thomas Grove The Facial Oil Image

“I use this oil every night before I go to bed. It’s so nourishing and moisturizing and smells amazing.” Thomas Grove The Facial Oil,

Megan Papay's Picks

Harwell Godfrey The Visionary pendant

“The black onyx on this pendant promotes inner strength, self-mastery and grounding, and the white onyx enhances visions and dream experiences.” Harwell Godfrey The Visionary pendant,

Kamperett Mae dress image

Freda Salvador Emi boot image

“I love this dress layered with a heavy sweater, trench and our Emi boot in black croc for colder days.” Kamperett Mae dress,; Freda Salvador Emi boot,

Alder New York black obsidian facial roller

“I use this morning and night to relieve tension in my face and neck. It feels so good and has improved my skin.” Alder New York black obsidian facial roller,


Portrait by Maria del Rio; Thomas Grove product photo by Diego Vourakis; All photos courtest of brands