Corri McFadden Gets Real on House of Consignment

—Shelby Steiner
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1 - Corri McFadden Gets Real on House of Consignment
Corri McFadden (RIGHT)

Chicago fashion icon Corri McFadden began the online couture consignment shop eDrop-Off eight years ago. Since then, the company has sold more than 100,000 items and expanded to sell nationwide. Next Wednesday night (March 21) McFadden will make her network debut in a new VH1-produced show, House of Consignment.

How do you think the show will impact your business?
CORRI MCFADDEN: Ultimately, [eDrop-Off] is a service that everyone's closet is crying out for. Once you hear about it, you can’t help but look through your closet to see what you can sell. I’m hoping that there are a lot of viewers cleaning out their closets after the show launch!

What was most difficult about letting cameras into your life?
CM: I think the only stressful part was creating a healthy balance between the shooting schedule and operating my business.

In your closet, what is your favorite style purchase of late?
CM: My new Celine Mini Shopper. It’s the perfect size bag for a day out shopping.

You launched eDrop-Off right out of fashion school. Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?
CM: I have always been an entrepreneur. I had many business ventures growing up, from selling candy on the bus to bartering stickers at recess.

What are you doing on the premiere night of House of Consignment?
CM: I will be with my friends, family, and 200 of our Chicago clients and loyal supporters at The James for our premiere party.

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