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The Spa at Waldorf Astoria (Photo courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria) HIGH STYLE
One of the trend…
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Enjoy a Bird's-Eye View of Chicago with Photographer Evan Brightfield's Epic Instagrams https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25554/Enjoy-a-Birds-Eye-View-of-Chicago-with-Photographer-Evan-Brightfields-Epic-Instagrams Forget patio pics and rooftop selfies—as one local photographer proves, the best way to capture #SummertimeChi is by taking to the skies. View this post on Instagram There she… Mon, 15 Jul 2019 00:00:00 -0400 How Rolex Continues to Deepen its Tie to Golf https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25536/How-Rolex-Continues-to-Deepen-its-Tie-to-Golf Rolex's commitment to golf is long-standing, groundbreaking and in line with the iconic brand's values. This was no more present than at the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur, where 7… Fri, 12 Jul 2019 00:00:00 -0400 Secret Source: Oak Brook Polo Captain James Drury Spotlights His Chicago Favorites https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25547/Secret-Source-Oak-Brook-Polo-Captain-James-Drury-Spotlights-His-Chicago-Favorites For our July/August edition of "Secret Source," James Drury shares his plans for summer, current obsessions and more.
Photo by Jan Salazar/courtesy of Drury WHO
Captain, Oak Brook…
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House Money: 5 Jaw-Dropping Properties That Redefine Luxury Real Estate https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25551/House-Money-5-Jaw-Dropping-Properties-That-Redefine-Luxury-Real-Estate If you got it, flaunt it. Chicago's most fabulous properties come with custom wine cellars, private rooftop bar-lounges, and indoor and outdoor pools—all that's required to live the high… Wed, 10 Jul 2019 00:00:00 -0400 Boka Restaurant Group's Collab with AvroKO at the Hoxton Chicago is a Stunner https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25556/Boka-Restaurant-Groups-Collab-with-AvroKO-at-the-Hoxton-Chicago-is-a-Stunner Boka Restaurant Group's latest collab with AvroKO, a trio of concepts at The Hoxton Chicago, is a true feast for the eyes.
Tipples tempt at Lazy Bird. (Photo: Galdones Photography/court…
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Actress Gina Torres Talks Her Chicago-Set 'Suits' Spinoff, 'Pearson' https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25529/Actress-Gina-Torres-Talks-Her-Chicago-Set-Suits-Spinoff-Pearson Suits veteran Gina Torres takes the lead as the star and Executive Producer of Pearson, the show’s Second City-set spinoff.
Gina Torres Like many people, actor Gina Torres found he…
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Lamborghini Delights with Urus, Its First High-Performance SUV https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25534/Lamborghini-Delights-with-Urus-Its-First-High-Performance-SUV Lamborghini’s outrageous new Urus SUV is in a class all its own as the world’s first high-performance supercar sport utility vehicle.
Photo courtesy of Lamborghini A Lamborgh…
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What to Eat, See and Do during an Upscale Summer Staycation in Chicago https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25545/What-to-Eat-See-and-Do-during-an-Upscale-Summer-Staycation-in-Chicago With so much to see and do in Chicago in the summertime, the question is: Why would you ever leave? You can have the perfect vacation without even departing the city: Miles of sandy beaches ar… Wed, 03 Jul 2019 13:16:00 -0400 5 Chicago Wine Pros Share Their Essential Summer Sips https://michiganavemag.com/culture-post/25531/5-Chicago-Wine-Pros-Share-Their-Essential-Summer-Sips Five Chicago wine experts dish on the trendiest wines to sip this season—and there’s nary a rosé in sight.
Photo by Sonya Khegay/Stocksy United DOMAINE CHERRIER SANCER…
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