Aston Martin Performance Driving Course Open for Season

—Jeff Kehler | May 7, 2012 | Homepage Latest The Latest

For drivers up to the challenge, Aston Martin opens its performance driving course today for the start of the 2012 driving season. Nestled in the pristine, forested hills of Romeo, MI, the Performance Driving Course’s Proving Ground provides car enthusiasts with more than 100 miles of asphalt to plow through every conceivable element and obstacle the road may throw their way—from hairpin turns and rolling hills to serpentine, coursing trails.

A team of expert instructors will be on hand to guide drivers—both current and prospective Aston Martin owners—through the lengthy, labyrinthine course in a one-on-one, full-day lesson ($2,500). Testers are invited to take one of Aston Martin’s four-wheeled beauties out onto the closed-course, where they’ll master apex-hugging turns and booming accelerations, and hit the throttle on breakneck, high-speed straightaways. Drivers can even take their model of choice for a spin on the course’s experimental skid pad, designed to push the vehicle’s handling to its tire-squealing, gut-wrenching limits.

For decades, Aston Martin has stood as the premiere purveyor of British automobiles. The brand’s vehicles are finely crafted beasts of sleek, steel beauty, and primal power, and offer precision handling and impressive horsepower. A vehicle built with such detailed craftsmanship commands that its driver be worthy to get behind the wheel, and there’s no better way to test your mettle than on the automaker’s Proving Ground this season. Call 888-724-8840 or e-mail to make a reservation at least one week in advance.

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