William D'Agata Presents: A Focus on Hamptons Outdoor Spaces That Blend Seamlessly With The Indoors

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William D’Agata has been envisioning + building outdoor living environments in the Hamptons for over 15 years.



William D'Agata Design + Build is a full service design / construction company specializing in the creation of custom outdoor living spaces. Their award-winning design / build approach is transparent and streamlined, ensuring that no details are overlooked when transitioning from paper to product. They are steadfast in their pursuit to deliver a well-planned and meticulously executed finished product that meets their high standards, and that of their client’s.



William D'agata designed pavilions haven't just enhanced the outdoor living experience, they've redefined it.

William D’Agata pavilions provide the creature comforts and innovations you'd find only in the main house. Chef's kitchen with bar island and cabinetry, bathroom, walk-in pantry, fireplace and entertainment system are some of the available options. Reducing dependency on main house amenities, and allowing the pavilion to be a sustainable element inside the overall pool landscape environment has always been the design intent. The open floor plan layout promotes flow and accessibility between spaces, allowing everyone to be part of the conversation.


William D'Agata's inspiration is taken from the stunning Hamptons setting which can be seen in the immaculate finishes, impeccable attention to detail, and carefully selected materials that transform each outdoor space into its very own sanctuary.

William D'Agata's outdoor living spaces allow you to enjoy an abundance of amenities that are typically only available inside the home; with a belief that nearly all the functions and amenities an indoor kitchen provides, an outdoor kitchen can provide as well. The custom outdoor kitchens capture the essence of the cooking and dining experience within the context of their well-planned gardens.



To create his spaces, Bill skillfully combines his talents as an architectural and landscape designer, with over 20 years of construction knowledge and experience. This combination gives him an advantage over most builders or designers, whose ability to singularly realize the finished product may be limited. Central to his vision for the outdoor space is his love for simply living outside the walls of the main house and connecting with the environment. Welcoming challenges, and working closely with his clients, Bill draws from his broad background to create innovative and functional exterior spaces that continue to enrich his client’s outdoor living experience. Without exception, Bill brings to every project his enthusiasm, integrity, dedication, and all his resources, regardless of scale.




For more information and a full list of services, please visit WilliamDAgata.com.

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