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—Elle Eichinger
Photograph Courtesy A Drink with Chicago
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1 - What We're Reading (migrated)

Jon Cotay recounts the story behind Akira to A Drink with Chicago.

Foodie blogger Camille Smith couldn’t find words to describe her latest trip to Alinea, so she documented it with pictures instead. Among the out-of-this-world dishes chef Grant Achatz served: an edible, helium-filled balloon and a scallop marshmallow. [Camille's Dish]

When Jon Cotay opened his retail store Akira, he named it after one of the most common first names in Japan (the equivalent of a name like John in the US). He lets A Drink With Chicago in on that and more in this beautifully captured interview. [A Drink with Chicago]

In 1957, legendary Chicago photographer Art Shay wrote an angry letter to the Chicago Tribune defending his friends and the integrity of their work. Here, he reflects on that 50-year-old letter. [Chicagoist]

This month at Germany’s Nürburgring racetrack, an unexpected contender left Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the dust—Ford’s EcoBoost engine racer logged one of the fastest lap times in the track’s history. [Wired.com]

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