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March 21, 2012 | by —Elle Eichinger
Photograph by Phillip Katz, Project Development LLC
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A rendering of City Winery Chicago

New York’s popular City Winery is coming to Chicago’s emerging West Loop neighborhood this summer. Conceptualized by music club vet Michael Dorf, City Winery combines good wine, good food, and terrific performances. Construction has yet to begin on the 300-seat space, but internal affairs are moving full steam ahead: Colleen Miller, previously the talent buyer for Old Town School of Folk Music, has been tapped as the location’s program director. Here, we learn more about Miller’s musical tastes and the types of acts she’ll bring to the City Winery Chicago.

What type of musical acts do you hope to bring to City Winery?
COLLEEN MILLER: It’s going to cover a broad spectrum, wide open in terms of genres. There’s going to be that experimentation up front to see what works for this particular audience.

What makes City Winery different from other music halls?
CM: In general it’s an adult kind of place where people want to sit down for a show and not stand. You can actually have a meal and have table service while the show is going on. It works really nicely for people that are a on a schedule with their babysitters or what not. You get a lot done in four hours. 

When you aren’t working, what type of music do you listen to?
CM: I love alternative country music. My husband and I go down to Lafayette, Louisiana every year, where there is a Cajun Festival with real Cajun music. I love serious roots music.

1200 W. Randolph St.

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