Hard Core

August 16, 2010 | by BY LAUREN HOENEMEYER | Homepage

The summer prescription for getting fit? More core—Core Fusion at Exhale Spa Chicago, that is. The latest addition to the class roster, Core Fusion Cardio amps up the calorie burn with an energy-packed fitness experience unlike any other. By merging cardio with Core Fusion’s signature strength moves—courtesy of Core Fusion founders Fred Devito (ABOVE LEFT) and Elisabeth Halfpapp (ABOVE RIGHT)—the hour-long workout utilizes all muscle groups for body-shaping results. And because it alternates between free weights and core balls, ab work and cardio components, you’ll remain on your toes and engaged. (Combine the cardio version with other Exhale classics like Core Fusion Sport and Core Fusion Yoga for a well-rounded regimen.) The bonus? Not only will your outer self respond to the challenge, your inner self will feel revamped, too. Classes daily; $24 per session. 945 N. State St., 312-753-6500

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