“Fashioning the Object” Opens at Art Institute

April 16, 2012 | by —Elle Eichinger
Photographs by Image cIma (Bless), Courtesy Boudicca (Boudicca), Ola Bergengren (Backlund) | Homepage

In “Fashioning the Object,” which will run through September 13 at the Art Institute of Chicago, a potpourri of items—film, photography, printed materials, and more—are presented as integral parts of the design process for fashion labels Bless, Boudicca, and Sandra Backlund.

The three designers contributing to this newly opened exhibit are Bless, a collaboration between Austrian designer Desiree Heiss and German designer Ines Kaag; Boudicca, the British design duo of Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby; and independent Swedish designer Sandra Backlund. Each designer or design team is influenced in different ways. Bless takes creative ideas from found or recycled materials, while Backlund references both art history and street culture and presents her work alongside dynamic fashion photography in this showcase.

“Fashioning the Object” is the perfect marriage of style and sociology, but no matter what aspect draws you in, the artful clothing and interesting influences make this a must-visit. 111 S. Michigan Ave., 312-443-3626

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