Elegant Floral Arrangement Advice

February 22, 2012 | by —Elle Eichinger | Homepage

An arrangement by Ramsey

In honor of the upcoming Chicago Flower and Garden Show (March 10–18), entertaining expert and floral designer Ramsey Jay Prince is sharing his top five tips for DIY floral arranging.

1. Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic.
For a simple yet dramatic arrangement, fill a tall glass vase with white tulips spilling out in all directions and finish with a large tropical green leaf. It's very easy and it makes a huge impact.

2. Use your resources.
Don’t be tied to vases traditionally used for flowers. Try dropping a plastic Tupperware container filled with floral foam into an old wooden box, or even use a vintage coffee can or Mason jar filled with wild flowers.

3. Use foliage as a framework.
Fill an empty vase with green leaves until you have the desired shape for your arrangement. Next, add your focus flowers. With the greenery already in place, the flowers will stay put perfectly.

4. Remember that less is more.
Large tropical leaves and flowers create a dramatic look—even in small amounts. Start with one to two oversize leaves and three to five tropical stems such as ginger, birds of paradise or heliconia. Balance focus flowers by using one of each short medium, and tall, placing the tallest in the center and the others on the sides.

5. Balance quality and quantity.
You can never have too many flowers for an arrangement, but you can really tell if you don’t have enough. With most floral designs fuller looks better, so don't skimp. If you buy from your neighborhood florist or the farmer's market, you will get nice, fresh blooms that last a long time.

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