“On any given night, you can find me wearing a St. John,” says Micah Materre, WGN News at Nine anchor. And just the other day, you may have noticed her in a stunning black St. John pantsuit—from 1989. Materre has spent two decades building a wardrobe bursting with the designer, and still routinely wears that forever-gorgeous, double-breasted pantsuit. “It’s a classic. It still looks great today,” she says.

The suit was a gift from her mom, who earned her sartorial stripes as a jazz singer in the ’50s. “My mom was my style mentor. She’s always had a certain flair,” Materre explains. “I try to pattern myself as much as possible after her.” Now, Materre has built a stunning collection of more than 25 St. John outfits; among her favorites are a midnight purple skirt suit with a ruffled front, and a creamcolored formal pantsuit embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Part of the St. John allure is the Santana, the line’s staple knit that’s designed to hold “memory,” so it perfectly conforms to and hugs the body in a figure-friendly, slimming way. Materre says it’s so flattering that she wears the suits not only on air, but for everything from brunch with girlfriends to black-tie events. “There’s one for every season, one for every occasion,” she says. “If you’re in St. John, you’re always dressed appropriately, no matter what.”

Straying from her staple produces lackluster results, Materre mentions, recalling the recent event where she chose to wear something else. “I was uncomfortable the entire night,” she says. “My mom said, ‘Micah, you can never go wrong in a St. John.’ And she was right.”

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