Susan Miner and Jerry Azumah

Chicago is a familiar stop for Hollywood’s heavy hitters, and when these VIPs are looking for a place to stay that offers privacy, security and all the comforts of home, Susan Miner is often the first person they call.

Miner is the founder of Premier Relocation, a real estate company that specializes in short-term, high-end housing. Think lavish properties that rent for $50,000 a month and include screening rooms, wine cellars and postcard-worthy views. In addition to Chicago’s corporate elite, Will Ferrell, Robert Downey Jr. and Maggie Gyllenhaal have all used her services.

Former Chicago Bear Jerry Azumah purchased a condo from Miner in 2003; now they’ve teamed up to form Premier Athletes, a division that caters to players, coaches and sports executives. Azumah’s connections help capture key clients, such as NBA stars training with Tim Grover and Attack Athletics. This clientele has specific needs: ceilings to accommodate their height, Jacuzzis to soothe sore muscles and quick commutes to stadiums.

After finding a client’s home, Miner, Azumah and crew help with acclimation services, such as stocking the fridge, turning on utilities and scheduling dog walkers. That way, their client can get back to what’s most important: winning the game. 

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